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Do you have any natural talent or skill, something that comes easy to you?你有天赋或技能,一些东西对你来说是很容易吗?
What do you like to do in your spare time?你喜欢做什么在你的空闲时间吗?
How would you handle an abrasive Captain or coworker?你如何处理一个磨料队长还是同事?
Have you ever been described as stubborn or hardheaded? By whom?你曾经被描述为固执还是脚踏实地?由谁?
Do you ever freeze in social situations?你曾经冻结在社交场合吗?
Have you ever worked with someone who talked too much? How did you handle it?你曾经共事过的人说太多?你怎么处理它?
Are you skilled at sizing people up?你是否善于观察人?
Have you ever been part of a problem?你曾经被一个问题的一部分?
Have you ever had to support the directives of higher management, even when you disagreed with it?你曾经支持更高的管理的指示,即使你不同意吗?
Have you ever lied?你有没有说谎?
Have you ever broken a law?你曾经破碎的法律?
Have you ever found a work policy or rule to be distasteful? How did you handle it?你有没  有发现一个工作政策或规则是令人反感吗?你怎么处理它?
Have you ever been tempted to break a work rule or policy? What did you do?你想过打破工作规则或政策?你做什么了?
Why do you want to work for our airline?你为什么想为我们公司工作?
What kind of experience do you have?你有什么样的经验?
Are you willing to be based wherever the company sends you?你愿意是建立在公司给你发送吗?
What would you like to be doing ten years from now?十年后你想做什么现在?
Why should we hire you?我们为什么要雇用你?
What are your qualifications?你的学历是什么?
What is your biggest accomplishment?你取得的最大成就是什么?
What are your career goals?你的职业目标是什么?